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The Global Tang Soo Do Association is a unique and exciting organization. Our members and member studios are what makes GTSDA.  Our member studios enjoy the benefits of decades-long, traditional Korean martial arts experience, knowledge, and heritage by being members of GTSDA. CJN Kim and KJN Kim share their knowledge of the martial arts in various classes, seminars, private lessons, and business coaching sessions that are available to member studios.

Grandmaster Tong Hwan Kim is the current Grandmaster of The Global Tang Soo Do Association. He has brought the GTSDA to become a 21st Century Tang Soo Do organization whose purpose is to serve its instructors, students, member studios, and communities by passing on his vast knowledge of Tang Soo Do.

Grandmaster T.H. Kim currently holds rank in Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do. He is regarded by his students and peers as an excellent martial artist. During his time competing, he won many tournaments and championships in the U.K. and also the United States. His passion is assisting martial art owners to achieve success in running their martial art studios and passing along his vast Korean Martial Art knowledge to his students. He emphasizes a “lead by example” mentality, and his students hold him in the highest regard.

Now, he has devoted his life to teaching Tang Soo Do and using his entrepreneurial skills in transforming the Global Tang Soo Do Association founded by his father into a 2nd generation Tang Soo Do organization whose goal is to spread the art throughout his organization, GTSDA.

GTSDA provides assistance by providing training and certified rank in Tang Soo Do. We also provide business coaching and personal mentoring to martial artist. GTSDA provides Rank Certification for color belts (Gups) all the way to high level Black Belt Certification (Dan).  

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Global Tang Soo Do Association Headquarters:

1990 Main Street East, Suite A-D, Snellville, GA  30078

Phone:  (770) 972-7418

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